Vimeo Staff Pick: Garage de soir - Garage At Night !!!

Garage de Soir (Garage At Night) - Daniel Daigle , Canada 2017
Produced by Grande Roue and Film Emoi.

Today, the short film Garage at Night is available online! What a run for this short film that I had the chance to light and capture two years ago! After many festival selections, a nomination at the Canadian Screen Awards and The Grande Prize at the Riverrun film Festival, it is finally available online in Vimeo Staff Picks collection (thank you Vimeo Team!)! I decided to share with you today some of the aspects regarding the cinematography of Garage at Night!

Garage At Night was shot during 2 days in January 2017. It was shot on the Red Scarlett Dragon with Zeiss Ze (35mm and 50mm). Camera team included Alexandre Desjardins (AC), Maximilien Biron (Gaffer) and Thibault Kersani (Key Grip). Thanks again to those guys who gave everything during that shoot!

Our approach for the movie was to film the evolution of the relationship between two brothers, in their garage, at night! The movie takes place over one year, each season being portrayed in 4 different moments. We use mainly a camera that was witnessing those moments. The 35mm and 50mm were great for that purpose. Some slow dollies helped also sometimes to get some mouvement in the image when the story needed it!

Time was one of our main challenge in shooting this movie. We had only had 2 days two shoot 4 differents seasons. Luckily, we were also shooting in one garage so we had total control with the lightning! Since our main action was going to take place on a sofa, we carefuly placed the set in consequence so we could have at least one corner to hide all the lamps, diffusion and flags ( I can tell you by the end of the week-end, it was a forest of C-stand all over there). And from there we could start our lightning!

Over the actors, was a 2K open face bouncing on the ceiling of the garage. There was also a yellow gel on it to bring that light a bit warmer. It was probably turned on for most of the shots and it would give a continuity in the movie over the year and seasons. Than for the different seasons, we used different gels on the lights lighting the back grounds. For example we used Chocolate Gels for the Fall season, CTB and Steel Blue for Winter. It was our way to make every seasons a bit different! We than also used open face lights bounced in a foam core box and passing trough diffusion again (like a booklight) for the actors when we needed. This set-up allowed us to be very quick between each shots. We would than turn on or turn off some praticals depending the mood of the story.

Overall, it was a great experience to make this short film. With a very little budget (aka non-budget), a good team, good actors this movie went beyond our expectations and it’s a great news it is finally available online!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions related to the cinematoraphy of the movie feel free to get in touch! It was a great experience to make this short film. With a very little budget, a good team, good actors this movie went beyond our expectations and it’s a great news it is finally available online!

Pic by : Alex Daigle "@journeyintoeye

Pic by : Alex Daigle "@journeyintoeye

Générique // Credits

Distribution : Guillaume Laurin, Antoine Pilon, Ève Lemieux & Stéphane Messier
Réalisation, scénario, montage : Daniel Daigle
Direction photo : Louis Lavoie Isebaert
Direction artistique : Caroline Carré
Costumière : Amanda Genao Sanchez
Conception sonore & mix : Daniel Tardif
Musique originale : David Fleury
Coloriste & Assistant caméra : Alexandre Desjardins
Production : Aurélie Breton (Films Émoi) & Daniel Daigle (Grande Roue)
Assistante réalisatrice : Allyson Gagné
Scripte : Philippine Desars
Prise de son : Steven Ouellet
Maquillage : Marcela Hernandez 
Chef électro : Maximilien Biron
Chef machino : Thibault Kersani
Accessoiristes : Anaïs Briand & Jihef Portelance
Régisseur : Guillaume Lavigne
Cantine : Sandra Luce
Photographe de plateau : Alexandre Daigle
Services sonores :
Distribution et ventes : Travelling

Louis Lavoie Isebaert