New feature film: CIMES


Simon and Jules, discovers that their father might still be alive. This new information brings the brothers on a quest to awnsers the questions from their  family and their past. The meeting with their father is awaiting.


The project Cimes is written and directed by my good friend Daniel Daigle. We applied in February to the new Talent Fund program from Telefilm Canada and in June 2018 we got the positive awnser! This program aims to give filmmakers across Canada the opportinity to shoot their first feature film. This year around 45 movies from directors around the country were so financed!

Joelle Agathe from Aléas Films joined us in the team has a producer and we started the pre-production in the summer 2018. With a tight budget of 125 000$ it was a puzzle to make the things happend but at the end we were able to shoot the movie in Montreal and around for 17 days in October and November 2018.

Here with Grip Saad and First AC Phil on Cimes

Here with Grip Saad and First AC Phil on Cimes

The movie was shot on the Arri Alexa Classic with the Odyssee 7Q+  as the recorder to capture 2.8K ArriRaw. As for the lenses, we choose the Zeiss HighSpeed T1.3 (the 25mm-35mm-50mm-85mm).

 Cimes will be available to watch around December 2019. It is distributed in Québec by Osmose Distribution and in France/Belgium by Fratel Films. For all the news about the movie, follow our Facebook and Instagram page @cimeslefilm !



Last word for this post is just to say thank you to my great camera team that were there rocking the shoot everyday! You did a fantastic job: Saad, Étienne, Max, Phil, Maude, Charlie, ,Cynthia, P-O, Marc-André, Maximilien and my colorist Cyril!


Pictures by Astra Asafreja

Louis Lavoie Isebaert